Mar 2, 2018


Artist-in-Residence André Zachery, Artistic Director of Renegade Performance Group


Master Class
Thursday, March 15 • 6-7:30pm • Ruth Caplin Theatre

Informal Discussion: Arteries of a Nation – a site-specific collaborative performance examining three Civil War events
Friday, March 16 • 12-1pm • Drama Building Lobby

Master Class
Saturday , March 17 • 9-10:30am • Ruth Caplin Theatre

Physical Propulsion is a training method of engaging the body through space using floor, standing and aerial techniques rooted in sacro-cranial alignment and awareness. The training method is built to functionally and tactically use physicality as an artistic conduit while testing the limits of movement across dimensions, especially across the usually forgotten transverse plane – the “z-axis”. The aim is to achieve greater dynamic range across many levels while maintaining maximum efficiency in the body. Movement is generated and activated through the pulsating spine like a coiling bedspring. The class works from the ground-up to align the body to connect phrases with energy that coils and recoils akin to the spring. The movement variations are based on modalities from Flying Low technique – codified by David Zambrano, Laban, Límon and Capoeira. The growth and development of the Physical Propulsion is facilitated dually by personal inquiry as well as the exchange and input of movement practitioners from around the globe. The goal of each class is to gain more comfort and courage using the body into and out of the floor with dynamic range of motion, a sense of togetherness with class takers and musicality throughout the space.

This residency is made possible by the support of the UVA Arts Council and the Department of Drama & Dance Program.

Class Description


André Zachery, Artistic Director of Renegade Performance Group Poster
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