Aug 4, 2017

Enjoy some great Final Friday Receptions & Gallery Talks on Arts Grounds & Beyond!!

Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Vice Provost for the Arts

Final Fridays is a monthly showcase of the Arts at UVA highlighting exhibits, performances, and lectures on Arts Grounds and across the University. The Fralin Museum of Art, the Ruffin Gallery & the School of Architecture offer monthly receptions and gallery talks in conjunction with their exhibits. The Arts Libraries, Music performances, Drama performances, and Creative Writing readings often join the line-up. We invite students, faculty, and community members to come experience this monthly showcase of the Arts at UVA!

August Schedule:
Kluge-Ruhe | Studio Art | The Fralin Museum of Art

Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection: Final Fridays

4:00-7:00pm  | at the Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library, Clark Hall

  • Australia: Defending the Ocean

Join Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection director Margo Smith and Environmental  Sciences professor Stephen Macko to learn about marine litter and how Indigenous Australians are turning “ghost nets” into sculptural artworks. Learn more >

  • 4:00 lecture by Margo Smith and Stephen Macko
  • 5:00 -7:00 pm exhibition &  reception with refreshments
Ghost Nets

Studio Art: Opening Reception


Join us in the Ruffin Gallery and enjoy lively conversation with friends, connect with art, and snack on tasty food and beverages.

On view at the Ruffin Gallery:

  • Undercurrents of Lake Elster, an exhibition of photographs by William Connally

Stopwatch Image from “Undercurrents of Lake Elster”, an exhibition of photographs by William Connally

The McIntire Department of Art is pleased to announce “Undercurrents of Lake Elster”, an exhibition of photographs by William Connally. Connally is a photo-based artist whose working process employs fiction writing, set design, performance, and installation. “Undercurrents of Lake Elster” will feature a series of photographs based on his imagined narrative of the fictional Lake Elster. To stage these photographs, Connally has developed a series of short stories, sketches, and a detailed timeline spanning over 370 years from the European discovery of the lake. The works purposefully disguise narrative elements, encouraging viewers to imagine the untold pieces.

On view in Ruffin Hall, 3rd and 2nd Floors:

  • Stilled Transitions by Michelle Gagliano

Ruffin Hall, 3rd and 2nd Floors
Little Field Mouse by Michelle Gagliano
Stilled: not moving or making a sound; deep silence; calm
Transition: the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another French, from “transpire…to go across”

Over the years, I have taken many photographs of roadkill. Living on a remote Virginia road, I come across deceased bodies daily. There is regularly an abundance of carnage. I found inspiration to capture these deceased souls one day when I discovered a “roadkill” that did not embody the typical vision of “roadkill.” The body was that of a midsized bear, laying across a highly trafficked road. However, there was no blood, no twist to the body, no skid marks, yet there was clearly evidence of extermination. Upon examining this bear up close, eye to eye, I immediately felt the intensity of his painful demise. I felt his trauma. And so I began to photograph him. I felt that by photographing this once strong wild animal, I would be able to honor his death. And I continued my study of “roadkill,” honoring the deaths of all the little animals that I have documented.

The sketches in this series are my “Primo Pensieri” or first thoughts exploring ways to honor these lost lives. Stilled Transitions is my beginning journey into finding a way to explore the transitions within life and death.

The Fralin Museum of Art: Final Fridays


5 Students at Final Friday at the Fralin April 2017