Jan 22, 2018

Exhibition opening Friday, February 2, 5:30-9:30 PM. Runs through February.

Face To Face: Portraits of Our Vibrant City uses the intimate process of portraiture to connect artists and community members who have different life experiences. Part portraiture and part biography, Face to Face uses the strengths, experiences, and passions of vibrant individuals in our community to inform masterfully created portraits. Strongly in tune with our mission to bridge diverse communities through the arts, this project fosters interpersonal relationships among the people of our city. It initiates dialogue about equity, value, and perception. Prior to the portraits being gifted from the artists to the community members, portraits will be exhibited during the month of February.


Face to Face: Portraits of our Vibrant City


The project introduces Charlottesville artists from different backgrounds who work in a wide range of mediums to diverse community members for an opportunity to form meaningful connections through portraiture. Artist participants range from career artists to UVa students. Each artist has been commissioned to create a portrait for the individual they have been introduced to. October through January, participants connected to learn each other’s stories, struggles, and joys. Artists used these experiences to inform their process as they create a portrait for the individual.


Artists participating in Face-to-Face art project.


Face to Face was designed to very directly and deliberately exercise The Bridge’s mission of bridging diverse communities through the arts,” explains Alan Goffinski, executive director of The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, “We’ve seen such a positive response to this project as artists from all kinds of mediums and walks of life eager to expand their social practice step up to meet this challenge.” The process, portraits, and exhibition promote vibrancy and unity in our community, facilitate connection between artists and community members, and increase representation of the vibrant diversity that exists in Charlottesville.

Featured artists include:
Aaron Eichorst
Lindsay Heider Diamond
Golara Haghtalab
Gabrielle Pfaeffle
Sam Gray
Isabella Whitfield
Doreen Devasia
Kyle Petrozza
Elizabeth Zhang
Cary Oliva
Matt Eich
Ézé Amos
Aaron Farrington

Face-to-Face artists have a discussion.


This project is funded with a generous grant from The Bama Works Fund
Visit http://thebridgepai.org/face-to-face/ for more details.


The Bridge: Progressive Arts Initiative


About the Bridge PAI: The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative is a cultural hub for Charlottesville offering an inclusive space for creative thinking and artistic pursuits while providing resources and methodology for meaningful arts engagement throughout the community. Our mission is to bridge diverse communities through the arts. More information can be found at our website – thebridgepai.org or by following us on Facebook.



Alan Goffinski