Sep 11, 2017
University Event

The Institute for Interanimation is pleased to announce phase 3 of our media platform, ii, an interactive environment navigating between here and there, now and then, on and off. We focus on economically sound virtual lives, supplying short-term low-impact hybrid mediums that use the human form to facilitate the production of social knowledge. By designing unique ethical realities into all of our products, ii ensures that your other selves will remain competitive in tomorrow’s world. Join us for calibration procedures at the University of Virginia’s Helms Theatre in the Department of Drama on Thursday September 21st at sunset. Or, visit between noon and 10pm on Friday the 22nd or Saturday the 23rd. Don’t miss this opportunity to escape the boundary condition. ii, another you.

 Institute for Interanimation

Location: The Helms Theatre, Department of Drama, 109 Culbreth Road


  • Thursday, September 21 / sunset – 10 pm
  • Friday & Saturday, September  22-23 / noon – 10 pm

Admission is free for certified human guests.

The Institute for Interanimation, founded by Mona Kasra (Drama) and Peter Bussigel (Music), has been made possible through the support of a Faculty Research Grant for the Arts from the Office of the Provost and Vice Provost of the Arts.