“We shouldn’t spend time doing; we should spend time being.”

We would send out updates about the contest through our official accounts on WeChat, as well as through CHNYC mailing list. Participants who are interested in entering the contest only need to fill out a google form ( and follow the instruction inside to submit their works through Dropbox.

The format of the picture is not restricted, participants may choose to submit multiple pictures, a series of pictures, or even a portfolio.
Please name your file with the format of “Name-Year-Title”.
When filling out the google form, please also include a brief description of the work (Maximum of 50 words, description should include but is not limited to information such as place, time, and the meaning behind).

Whether entered as singles or stories, these pictures are judged in terms of their accurate, fair, and visually compelling insights about our topic.
The contest is judged by a jury comprising both professionals and the audience. They would give honest comments on every participant’s work.
The final result of a work is determined by the number of votes from the audience and the scores from the professionals each work receives, with the votes being 40% and the scores being 60% of the final score for the work.

The polling for this contest will be officially opened on January 18, 2019. It will last for a week and close on January 25.
On January 18th, while the entry to the contest is closed, the audience polling will be officially opened. The audience polling will implement a two-way voting mechanism for all UVa students. The voting mechanism is:
Online polling: The voting link will be sent through our official account on WeChat on January 18th. Students can click on the “Read the original passage” or scan the QR code to vote for their favorite works.
Offline polling: The organizer of this contest will set up an offline voting table at the entrance of the school’s Newcomb Hall. The competition committee will display the entries of all the contestants with their description in an anonymous form. All the school members are eligible to participate in the offline voting.