Photo by Sydney Peoples (College ‘21)

The First Gospel Choir on Grounds

Founded in 1972, Black Voices represents one of the oldest Black student organizations at the University of Virginia to this day. Black Voices has become a choral ensemble of versatile style, with a repertoire consisting of spirituals, traditional hymns, and contemporary gospel. Who could have imagined that a seed planted in one student’s heart in 1971 could break new ground at Mr. Jefferson’s University and sustain the test of time?

Black Voices choir performing.

It’s not a black thing… It’s a Jesus Thing

Today, Black Voices is open for membership to all students on grounds and to members of the broader UVA and Charlottesville communities. We consider ourselves to be a family in christ, a support system throughout the trials and tribulations of college and vessels for sharing God’s love and glory with the world around us. 

Black Voices choir sings, led by conductor.

In addition to our open rehearsals every Thursday from 7-9, we have enjoyed participating in traditional UVA events such as Rotunda Sing, Lighting on the Lawn and the Bicentennial celebration. Additionally we host our own concerts three times a year with upcoming events on February 24th and in April. 


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