The Blacksmithing club is focused on providing a fun, interactive, and hands on learning opportunity for any student interested in the craft. We believe that this pursuit affords a rare combination of utility and aesthetics that can attract a wide range of prospective people. Blacksmithing is different from most other hands-on crafts in that the material being worked is quite intractable and, as such, requires both informed preparation and a logical, problem solving mindset to manipulate with any kind of precision. We approach this challenge with the goal of teaching both the physical skills necessary to shape the steel as well as the background knowledge to know how and why the methods we use are effective. Though still uncertain about our long term path, we aim to capitalize on the partnerships we already have with nearby blacksmithing companies to create a flexible learning environment. We hope to strike a balance between dedicated, passionate members, and a casual environment that draws people back again and again, learning, improving, and enjoying the company of other like-minded individuals.