For Charlottesville SOUP, we seek applications from Charlottesville artists in need of assistance. We encourage artists, writers, dancers, musicians, performance artists, collectives, bands, and makers to apply. The application deadline to present at the October 17, 2017 edition of SOUP is Wednesday, September 27 at 11:59pm. Fill out this form and submit a CV and 3 samples of artwork to to be considered.

Charlottesville SOUP


Grant Applications Details

Artists with a project can apply for a SOUP grant to help pay your rent or other bills while your band goes on tour, to pay the tuition for a class you want to take, to offset the costs you’ll incur while taking time off work to do an artist residency, or to pay for framing your work for an exhibit.

When an application is reviewed by a community panel, several factors are considered, including artistic merit and feasibility. You can demonstrate feasibility through your budget, your description of your relevant past experience, and your project’s timeline. Preference is given to applications that can use the SOUP grant in the current calendar year.

We’ve intentionally kept the application process simple. We ask that applicants keep their answers short and concise.

The only other requirement is that an applicant’s project is shared with Charlottesville in some way. This means that wherever else it occurs, grows, or is shared, it must also be shared here in our community. For example, if you create a puppet show with the grant, plan one of your performances for Charlottesville. We are interested in projects that are accessible to the Charlottesville community such as public events that are free or low-cost to attendees.

Applicants don’t have to consider themselves “an artist” to apply. They definitely do not need to have gone to art school or be a “professional artist” or anything formal like that. Anyone can apply for a SOUP grant. They just need to have a creative project in the arts for which they need some funding.

For each SOUP, we choose up to four projects for consideration. If we pick your proposal, you will have the opportunity to give a short presentation at SOUP (about 5 minutes or so). The floor is then opened for questions from attendees. At the end of the meal, everyone votes and the winning project receives the proceeds raised from that night’s SOUP. You must be able to attend SOUP to deliver your presentation in person.

Questions? Please read the FAQ or email us.

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