ARTS 2310 Installation and Performance Art I
Summer Session I, May 15 – June 10, 10:30 – 12:45
Professor Megan Marlatt, Studio Art, Ruffin Hall, Room 319 and the Sculpture area

In this class, students will create large papier-mache’ big heads, giants, and other artworks for the University’s Bicentennial Celebration slated for this October, 2017. The class will work as a collective group, creating their work under one unifying theme. We will work in clay, cast plaster, paper, paint and fabric to realize our big heads, giants, costumes and painted lanterns. Introduction to Drawing I is a preferred prerequisite for this class and there will be a need to finish course work outside of class time.

Professor Marlatt has taught Painting and Drawing at UVa for 28 years. She is the founder and the director of The Big Head Brigade, LLC; an artist collective that creates and performs in papier-mache’ big heads. Members include professional artists as well as UVa students and alumni. They have performed throughout Virginia, North Carolina, New York City and Prague. More information can be found on their website;

The Big Head Brigade, LLC