The Paul Robeson Players is an independent student-run Revolutionary Theatre Organization, but grounded in the roots of African and African-American theater traditions.  We exist to provide an outlet for any student interested in any aspect of theater as long as it is politically-based, nurturing any talent a student might possess, including, but not limited to actors, playwrights, directors, producers, lighting and sound technicians, costume designers, choreographers, dancers, and spoken word artists. Our goal is to cultivate artistic diversity in the realm of theater performance. We will construct at least one community service project a year with a local high school and endorse any Black theatre projects happening on Grounds, heading our own performances throughout the year as well. We also comprise a self-governing resident troupe/company of artists from many different performance backgrounds. This troupe collectively works together to produce monologues, spoken word, or essentially anything they are inspired to create. Troupe auditions are held each semester. All interest and experience levels welcome!