The Tom Tom Founders Festival has kicked off the 2017’s City Art Bus competition and are looking for artists to submit high quality, original designs for the Fourth Annual City Art Bus!

If you aren’t familiar with this annual Tom Tom initiative, the City Art Bus is a part of the City as Canvas project that aims to reimagine Charlottesville as a creative stage filled with possibility. In the past, we’ve covered CAT buses with designs consisting of anything from a herd of colorful prehistoric dinosaurs to whimsical and futuristic geometric shapes and figures.

This year, two buses will each feature an original, vector based design that will seen by over 200,000+ people!

We invite you to submit designs and ideas you may have for this year’s art bus! Please feel free to pass this email along to artists or organizations who may be interested in this opportunity.

If you’d like to share this, I’ve attached images of last year’s winning design by Paul Hostetler. Tom Daly Photography provided the art bus photo.

The deadline for initial submissions is October 1st! Please email with any questions about the City Art Bus competition.