This art show is a fundraiser to raise money for a super cool charity/non profit (which you, as an artist, get to vote for down below). We’ve had a great time building our little baby DIY scene at 1411 Gordon Ave. Help us take the Charlottesville music community to a whole new level.

**Super important: At this art show, we are going to sell ALL of the works. Please do not submit anything you have an intense personal connection to and price it at $1,000,000. We cannot force you to abide by this, but please keep in mind the main goals of this event.

  • All of the revenue will be split 40/60 between the collectively chosen charity (the 40%) and the artist (the 60%).
  • Select artists will also be invited to be featured on WXTJ’s social media promotions.
  • You DO NOT have to be a student or UVA-affiliated to be featured. This is open to anyone.
  • You may submit either A) images of finished artwork or B) plans for a yet-to-be-completed piece.
  • You may submit multiple pieces. We will take as many that will fit on the walls.
  • This show is FREE-FORM (just like our music). That means any media, any subject matter. However, please do not submit works that are exceptionally fragile.
  • Submission is rolling. Final deadline to submit an image of a finished piece is noon Monday, March 13th. Drop off instructions TBA.

Lastly, this will be a pretty sweet event. We will have music. Trashhouse will be all spruced up. (Tinsel?!) There will probs be cheese. Best of all, your art will be featured for the world to see!

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