Feb 16, 2018
Community Art Partners

The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative

Experimental Audio Documentary February 24, 8:00-9:30.
The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative 

A year in the life of Angel and Derek, two best friends divided by their views of the 45th president. Angel and Derek are devout Evangelical Christians who bonded over their shared faith. Angel, the son of undocumented immigrants, is socially conservative and a supporter of Donald Trump. Derek is left leaning, pro-immigration, and considers president Trump to be “literally the worst major party presidential candidate ever.” This audio documentary explores how each man has been changed by the past year, how in many ways, the divisions between them have become sharper and more apparent, and how that has affected their friendship. This is a sneak preview of a pilot episode of a new podcast series that documents the lives of Americans in the Trump era over the last year.

The Trump Diaries Poster

ABOUT TRUMP DIARIES: The election of Donald J. Trump was a polarizing event. Some celebrated his inauguration as the rebirth of a once-great nation. Others saw it as a descent into authoritarianism. These two narratives dominate the news, leaving less time for coverage of how Trump’s presidency is playing out on the ground, over time, for ordinary people living their everyday lives.

Directed By Jesse Dukes, The Trump Diaries is a non-partisan, multi-episode, multi-season documentary podcast. It follows a group of Americans who differ widely in their beliefs, personal identities, locations, and ages, as their lives intertwine with the politics of the day. It is a people’s history of the forty-fifth presidency, recorded in real time, over the course of the entire Trump presidency. More info can be found at the website https://www.trumpdiariespodcast.com/

ABOUT THE BRIDGE PAI: The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative is a cultural hub for Charlottesville offering an inclusive space for creative thinking and artistic pursuits while providing resources and methodology for meaningful arts engagement throughout the community. Our mission is to bridge diverse communities through the arts. More information can be found at our website – thebridgepai.org or by following us on Facebook.

Alan Goffinski, The Bridge – (434) 218-2060; director@thebridgepai.org
Jesse Dukes, Trump Diaries – (207) 680-0916; jpdukes@gmail.com