Sep 13, 2017
UVA Arts

Videographer, Peter Hazel (College ’17) & Composer, Brandon Sangston (College ’17) teamed together to create a sizzle reel for UVA Arts!! Take a look at the description of who & what they captured!!

This incredible film highlights the breadth and depth of the Visual & Performing Arts and Architecture community that makes up UVA Arts. You will see student Bryce Cuthriell perform in Dance Minor, Vivien Fergusson’s piece entitled moths, for the Department of Drama’s 2017 Spring Dance Concert. Next, the African Music and Dance Ensemble can be seen celebrating its 20th anniversary, led by Professor Michelle Kisliuk.

Student Cindy Song works on a piece for her fourth-year show and Tiara Sparrow & Jordan Maia perform in Wake Up Music!, written by Micah Watson and directed by Kevin Minor. To follow, student Alexa Luna is featured painting a model for her Studio Art class. Next, students present on aboriginal paintings as part of a course taught in collaboration with the Kluge-Ruhe. Students in the UVA Salsa Club rehearse for their spring showcase, partnering and preparing to wow a new crowd.

In studio art, the film highlights 5th Year Sandy Williams practicing  bronze casting with several studio art faculty members and students. Studio Art student Liza Pittard works on her fourth-year show in Ruffin Hall Third floor of the A-school. A playful 3-D fox created by Atthar Mirza, transitions the viewer to another captivating clip of Jordan Maia and Veronica Sirotic performing in Wake Up Music!, a play written by Miller Art Scholar and foundational contributor to UVA’s Black Monologues, Micah Watson, and directed by Graduate student in Drama, Kevin Minor.

The next clip features the Charlottesville Symphony rehearsing for their Spring Concert. Then, visiting Professor Andrew Mausert-Mooney demonstrates how to hand-process 16mm motion picture film to an eager set of students. Alexa Luna, Madeline Smith (center) and Marianne (right) perform in dance minor Naomi Moore’s piece, I Am Sitting In A Room, presented for the Department of Drama’s Spring Dance Concert. To follow, Gillian Lee bobs her head while dejaying for WTJUX.

The next highlight features Brian Schornberg’s final show and shared gallery space with 5th year Studio Art major, Cameron Mankin. To transition, an animated short entitled “Romantic Butterfly Lovers,” created by Miller Art Scholar, and accomplished studio artist, Corrinne James. In a moment of pause, student Annie Vu draws on a tablet during a study break outside of Clemons Library, a popular spot for University students. Again we see dancers in the UVA Salsa Club couple up and rehearse for their Spring showcase featuring all original student choreography.

Next, students in a popular class entitled Learn to Groove, rehearse for their final showcase under the supervision of master percussionist and Professor, Robert Jospé. To follow, Atthar Mirza sands frames he built to display his fourth-year presentation. Behind the mic and the mixing board, Lavell Nero and Kimberly Te work on their newest track in the audio studio in the Robertson Media Center. Hip-hop dance Students practice a new routine during The Summit, a day-long dance workshop co-hosted by AKAdeMiX, The Mighty, and X-Tasee at UVA.

A student docent gives a museum tour on a Final Friday at The Fralin Museum of Art at UVA. Elissa Bardhi begins to outline her final project for Drawing II with Professor Amy Chan. Bryan Cranston, actor and lead in the popular drama series Breaking Bad, greets the camera before taking the stage for UVA’s President Speaker Series for the Arts, hosted by UVA Arts.

Another captivating clip from Atthar Mirza’s “Fighting Nightmares,” transition the viewer to a feature on 5th Year Sandy Williams, working on a conceptual series in the Ruffin Hall print shop. Creative clay creatures excerpted from “Another Bedtime,” is pulled from Aunspaugh 5th year student, Nicole James’ thesis project. Finally, the viewer is taken on a final pirouette with Dancer Kirsten Elliott as she practices in Ballet II.

Such is the nature of UVA Arts – rich, comprehensive, ever changing and most of all, necessary for a vibrant and thriving life on grounds and beyond.