Dec 18, 2018
UVA Arts

Dear UVA Arts Friends, Alumni, and Supporters,

I am pleased to share Volume 9 of the online UVA Arts Magazine! Explore all the Arts have to offer with this innovative digital magazine that highlights the breadth and depth of UVA Arts.

As we celebrate the arrival of President James E. Ryan, the University as a whole, is full of a powerful energy that is inspiring us all to redouble our efforts to continually bring out the best of the University and point, together, toward an exciting future.

In this volume, you can read about Jenny Wales’s exciting and successful first season as Artistic Director of Heritage Theatre Festival; we’ll share a fascinating piece set at the intersection of ancient past and thrilling present with a look at the highly acclaimed Fralin Museum exhibition Reflections: Native Art Across Generations; catch up actor and alum Jason George, star of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and the spin-off drama Station 19; and join us in thanking Joe Erdman & The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation featured in this issue’s Giving Spotlight, plus so much more.

Throughout the Betsy and John Casteen Arts Grounds, our talented and creative students and Arts faculty continue to create and share extraordinary work that constantly raises the bar for excellence, enriches the entire UVA community, and creates unique pathways into the professional world. I hope you will consider joining me in supporting the extraordinary creative work of our students, faculty, and guest artists by making a tax-deductible charitable gift to the Arts. Contributions of any amount will support Arts projects and the creative work being done by our remarkable faculty and students.

Thank you for making the Arts an integral part of the University of Virginia!

Best Regards,

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Jody Kielbasa
Vice Provost for the Arts
Director, Virginia Film Festival

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