Mar 23, 2021

The University of Virginia Chapel glowed with dancing colors this weekend as a pop-up projection mapping show played on its exterior. This show was the first of five opportunities to see local artist Jeff Dobrow light up some of UVA’s most recognizable buildings.

The shows offer students and community members a way to experience art with one another while being masked and physically distant. The energetic pop-up projections blend UVA’s prominent architecture with colorful lights and music. At a time of pandemic (and academic) stress, organizers hope the shows will lift the spirits of those watching or walking by.

Presented by UVA Arts, the Office of the Provost and Vice Provost for the Arts, and the Division of Student Affairs, the shows are a part of a project called “Brighter Together.” In the next two months, there will be four more shows, each two nights long.

The schedule includes:

  • April 2-3: The Rotunda.
  • April 16-17: Cocke Hall.
  • April 30-May 1: McIntire Amphitheater.
  • May 14-15: Madison Hall.

The shows are free and will start at dusk, playing on a loop for several hours. Students and community members are encouraged to stop by at any time. More information about the “Brighter Together” project is available here.

Here’s a look at some photos from this weekend’s show.

Caroline Newman

Original Publication: UVAToday