Dec 7, 2017
Tom Tom Founders Festival
Artist Paul Hostetler working on 2017 City Art Bus, illustrating colorful dinosaurs roaming the prehistoric plains.

The City Art Bus Competition is a part of Tom Tom’s ‘City as Canvas’ initiative, which transforms public spaces through murals, public performances, and art installations through the help of local and regional artists and organizers.

This year’s City Art Buses will transform a 35’ clean diesel CAT bus AND a 28’ JAUNT bus into mobile murals that will be seen by hundreds of thousands of commuters. Make your voice heard and vote today!


2018 City Art Bus Finalists

Sarah Ashmun: Vintage Planes

Sarah Ashmun: Vintage Planes

Christy Baker: Bees

Bus with bees and honey comb illustration

Michael Beaman: Beta-field

Bus with orange, black, and yellow rectangles painted on

Amy Chan: MicrobiologyBus with microorganism illustrations painted on

Sam Gray: Nature

Creative illustration of nature and individuals with mushrooms and flowers

Lou Haney: Fruit

Bus with fruit painted on the front

Anthony Meloro: Geometry

Bus with geometric red, white, and blue shapes painted

Andrew Stronge: Outer Space

Bus with outer space illustrations

Guillermo Ubilla: Paper Cranes

Bus with paper crane illustration

Suzanne Vinson: Painted MarksBus with different colored illustrations of shapes and images VOTE NOW

Featured Partners

Thanks to our partners, Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) and JAUNT transportation systems!

Charlottesville Area Transit Jaunt
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