Oct 12, 2018
Arts Council, News

On Friday, November 9, 2018, the 2017-2018 cohort of Arts Fellows will host an EXPERIMENTAL ARTS FESTIVAL featuring presentations and performances by artists and scholars across grounds (see the full program below). Feel free to come at noon and stay until the end, or to drop by as you please.

When: November, 9, 12PM-6PM.

Where: Rotunda Dome Room.

Who: Ted Coffey (Music), Dave Dalton (Drama), I-Jen Fang (Music), Lydia Moyer (Studio Art), Debra Nystrom (English), Christa Robbins (Art History), Katelyn Hale Wood (Drama).


12:00 Christa Noel Robbins (Art History Program): Introduction

12:30 Katelyn Hale Wood (Drama Department): “Stand-Up Comedy and Performance Protest.”

Drawing from Professor Wood’s current book project, Modalities of Freedom: Black Feminist Comedy in 20th and 21st Century USA, and her undergraduate course, “Comedy as Protest,” this talk explores how comedy reflects and ignites modes of social protest in the United States.

1:25 Dave Dalton (Drama Department): “Believer’s Baptism.”

A theater performance based loosely on the work of Polish director Tadeusz Kantor, this experimental work explores memory as a physical space for exploration and catharsis. Directed and devised by Dave Dalton.

2:25 Ted Coffey (Music Department): “Petals 9.”

A live performance featuring Ted Coffey (composition, live electronic sound), I-Jen Fang (percussion), and Jennifer Nugent (dance).

3:25 I-Jen Fang (Music Department): “Child of Tree” (1975) by John Cage (1912-1992).

A live performance featuring I-Jen Fang playing plants in a percussive style.

3:35 Break

4:00 Debra Nystrom (English Department): “The Dream of a Common Language.”

A poetry reading by UVa Creative Writing Program faculty Debra Nystrom, Gregory Orr and Nathaniel Perry, along with MFA alumni and senior graduate students.

5:15 a sound bath (for the students who stood at the statue).

A sound experience based on energetic rather than musical logic.  Please bring a yoga mat if you’d like to lie down while listening (recommended).

6:00 Reception & Discussion

Experimental Arts Festival