Feb 6, 2019
Community Art Partners

May 19 is Queen Charlotte Day. Celebrate with The Queen Charlotte Society, at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative. We invite artists to submit their “queenly” works of art for display during Charlottesville’s 5th annual Queen Charlotte Day.

What is Queen Charlotte Day?
Queen Sophia Charlotte, Born May 19, 1744, was the wife of King George III. She is the City of Charlottesville’s namesake.  The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative and The Fralin University join the Queen Charlotte Society in celebrating the life of Queen Charlotte during the fifth annual Queen Charlotte Day this May 19, 2019. The celebration Takes place this year at the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative (209 Monticello Road). Expect costumes, music, food, poetry, art, and community!

Who was Queen Charlotte?
Queen Charlotte was a patron of The Arts, an amateur botanist, and a patron of orphanages and hospitals. Perhaps most relevant, she is widely believed to have African ancestry, leading many to claim Queen Charlotte as the first Black queen of Great Britain. Queen Charlotte Day provides an opportunity for us to celebrate Black women throughout our community and throughout history who shape our world. It’s a chance to honor a once-forgotten aspect of our city’s rich history. It’s an opportunity to
celebrate the “queen” in all of us.

Call For Contributors
We are seeking artists of all mediums to contribute to our celebration. We want to celebrate Queen Charlotte and the queen in of us. The exhibition will be up from May 19th through the remainder of the month.

What will be included in the Queen Charlotte Day Art Exhibition?

  • All forms of creative expression are welcome. We want to fill the walls of the gallery with artwork. We welcome photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, poetry, and anything you can think of.
  • There will be an opportunity for performance-based art as well. Music, dance, poetry and theatrical performance will all be accepted.
  • Some suggested topics to explore:
    • Portraits honoring Queen Charlotte.
    • What does it mean to be a queen?
    •  Interpretations on the theme of royalty.
    • Art that celebrates the culture and historical experience of Black Women.
      * These suggestions are intended to spark imagination, not limit it. You are welcome to submit artwork that related t0 Queen Charlotte Day themes in any way you find relevant.


  • All who wish to participate must submit images/documentation of their work(s) OR an explanation of the work-in-progress by April 1.
  • A curatorial team comprised of The Queen Charlotte Society and The Bridge will determine the appropriateness of each piece.
  • Artists must be able to bring pieces to the gallery at 209 Monticello Road by May 10 in anticipation of the Queen Charlotte Day Celebration on May 19.
  • All contributors should plan to attend the Queen Charlotte Day celebration on May 19.

SUBMISSIONS: What to include

    • Photos of your piece (multiple submissions are welcome)
    • A short artist bio and statement about artwork (half page is good enough).
  • We welcome inclusion of a CV, website or other materials, but they are not required
  • Send all submission materials in one email to info@thebridgepai.org by April 1st.


  • Artists may choose to sell their works if they’d like to. Artists set the price of their own works.
  • In honor of Queen Charlotte, The Bridge will be waiving all commissions from sales of artwork during the duration of the exhibit. 100% of sales go to the artist.
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Queen Charlotte Day Poster