The Arts Endowment at UVA consists of the top arts leaders and supporters, visionaries shaping the future of the arts on Grounds. Trustees believe that by engaging with the many forms of artistic expression thriving on the Grounds, students learn that creativity has great relevance for their academic work in all disciplines, fostering more effective problem-solvers, citizens, and leaders. Being a part of the Arts Endowment is an incredible opportunity where you are focused on high-impact, long-lasting projects and strategy, advising the Vice Provost of the Arts and other arts faculty and staff. This support and advice and support enhances the profile of the arts at UVA and the overall student experience, opening doors for inspiration, connection, learning, and engagement.


The endowment will expand, support, and promote excellence in the arts at UVA with investments in donor-reviewed projects and initiatives, enhancing the student arts experience, and distinguishing the vibrancy of the arts at UVA. This endowment is essential to sustaining our momentum and providing students, faculty, and visiting artists with opportunities to do their best work.


Arts Endowment Trustees:

  • Amplify the UVA arts experience for students and faculty;
  • Attract major artists and scholars to the Grounds for performances, lectures, master classes, and exhibitions;
  • Develop robust, multi-disciplinary programs that engage students and faculty from all schools and units;
  • Invest in opportunities that emerge outside regular proposal cycles through discretionary funding; and
  • Create a continuum of resources for the arts.


Donors who support the Arts Endowment with a minimum gift of $100,000 are invited to serve a five-year Arts Endowment Trustee term and will be instrumental in advising and charting the use and strategic investment of endowment earnings. The Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts will administer the funds of the Arts Endowment; accept applications from schools and units across the Grounds; and manage the selection process for funding of projects and initiatives focused on the arts. Award amounts will begin at $10,000, and often increase to $100,000 for particularly powerful proposals. Endowment trustees will review proposals, make recommendations, and attend two meetings per year, during which they will engage with students and faculty working in the arts at UVA. These meetings are essential to forging partnerships between UVA’s arts philanthropists and the students and faculty who will benefit from support. As ambassadors of the Arts Endowment, Trustees are also encouraged to advocate for the arts and introduce new stakeholders to the Arts Endowment community.


Gretchen Tibbits (College ‘89), Chair
John H. Birdsall (College ‘66) and Mary Scott B. Birdsall (Curry ‘66)
A. Cary Brown (College ‘84)
Lee Ellen Darden (College '09)
Julie Phillips (Parent ’19)
J. Sanford Miller (College ‘71),
The J. Sanford Miller Family
Joanne B. Robinson
Bruce Robson and Emily Robson (College ’88, Parent ‘25)
James T. Tune (College ’64, Parent ’01) and Katherine M. Tune (Parent ’01) 
Lelia Graham Webb (College ’88)
Serra Yavuz (Parent '22)

To learn more, contact Jody Kielbasa or Cameron Mowat. 

Sarah Maple's Snow White the Scientist

Awarded Arts Endowment Grants

Learn more about the grants awarded by the Arts Endowment. Image is Sarah Maple's 'Snow White the Scientist' as part of 'Power Play: Reimagining Representation in Contemporary Photography' at The Fralin Museum of Art.

Dance Group at UVA Performing

Arts Endowment Grant Call for Proposals

The Arts Endowment will fund one annual project up to $25,000 to an area/program/project that is competitive, demonstrates significant need, creates a meaningful impact, and also serve the purpose of the Arts Endowment. Application Deadline: March 18, 2024