Light display at Bicentennial

UVA Arts empowers a community committed to creativity, discovery, curiosity, and service, providing a highly engaging and unique experience for students, faculty, and community members. Led by Vice Provost for the Arts, we foster this community by facilitating opportunities for innovative research, captivating performances, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and artistic excellence. The Fralin Museum of Art, Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection, the Virginia Film Festival, Heritage Theatre Festival, & WTJU are just a few of the rich, diverse programs that we support and represent.

We believe that a strong and vibrant arts landscape enriches each student’s University experience and lifelong learning and serves as an important bridge between UVA and the Charlottesville community. There are many opportunities to join this vibrant community of UVA Arts supporters and enhance the arts experience on Grounds

I think the Arts speak to the full range of the human condition, which is on vivid display right now, sorrow and joy, tragedy and triumph, selfishness and selflessness, and it’s a time for us, through the Arts, I think to connect as a community because the Arts remind us of the transcendent and the enduring.
— President James E. Ryan, University of Virginia

Ways to be Involved

UVA Arts Fund for Artistic Excellence

At UVA Arts, one of our goals is to enrich each student’s experience by fostering a highly creative, collaborative, and exciting arts community. That is why we established the UVA Arts Fund for Artistic Excellence, which supports a myriad of both student and faculty-led arts programs and projects that inspire, connect, and engage the next generation of leaders and artists. Your support for this annual fund has an incredible impact on our University community, Charlottesville, and beyond.

Ivy/Emmet Corridor

UVA Center for the Arts

We envision a fully integrated Center for the Arts at UVA that expands opportunities for students to pursue their creativity through different artistic disciplines while creating a welcoming, inviting, and inclusive arts space to connect and engage our community and visitors.

Arts Council Membership

Take your passion for arts one step further and join UVA’s Arts Council. This group of arts supporters come from diverse backgrounds and skillsets, united under the cause of supporting arts students, faculty, and staff through a robust grant program. The advocacy, support, and advice that UVA Arts Council members share place the arts as an integral and important part of the student experience.

Support the Arts Council

Arts Endowment

Amplify your impact and join a group of UVA’s top arts leaders through the UVA Arts Endowment. Established in 2014, the Arts Endowment provides transformational funding for high-impact arts projects that place creativity at the core of learning and teaching across the University, thereby enhancing the University’s profile as a leader in arts learning, teaching, and service. These projects have a considerable, lasting impact, are often inter-disciplinary in nature, and inspire future generations of students and leaders.

UVA Arts support students, faculty, facilities and programs and seeks to elevate those assets to a level where no student leaves UVA without having experienced the arts, and where the University is as well known for arts and creativity as for anything else.
— Jody Kielbasa, Vice Provost for the Arts, and Director, Virginia Film Festival of the University of Virginia