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Join us in championing the arts at UVA! The Arts Council is dedicated to advocating for and enhancing the diverse range of artistic programming at the University. As a collective force, we combine the annual contributions of individual members to support academic programs, facilities, and special events. Believing in the transformative power of the arts, Arts Council members contribute to creating a vibrant arts community that enriches the student experience, fosters community connections, and inspires the leaders of tomorrow.


The Arts Council is actively engaged on Grounds, in Charlottesville, and beyond, championing the profound impact of the arts at UVA. Empowered by UVA, Arts Council members are equipped with tools and information to attract new members, garner support, and provide expertise crucial for the future growth of the arts at our university.

Member Support

An annual contribution of $2,500 is the standard for Arts Council membership, demonstrating a commitment to the flourishing arts community at UVA. Members are encouraged to surpass this minimum, amplifying the Council's influence in supporting arts programs across Grounds. Additionally, each Arts Council member is urged to consider a leadership gift, contributing to endowments in the Arts, as well as capital projects and programs.

**Don't let financial concerns be a barrier to membership! For recent graduates (within 15 years), working artists, community arts representatives, and members facing financial constraints, annual donations contributions of less than $1,000 or above are acceptable. Prospective members are encouraged to connect with the Membership Chair or Director of University Arts Development to explore alternative options. Join us in shaping the future of the arts at UVA!

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Awarded Arts Council Grants

Learn more about the Arts Council grants that have been awarded.

2022 UVA Arts Council Distinguished Artist Awardees (Left to Right: Jody Kielbasa, Evelyn Garey, Sara Burtner, Michelle Tran, KJ Vaughan, Elie Bashkow, & Ian Baucom)

UVA Arts Council Distinguished Artists

UVA Arts Council Distinguished Artists: Annual Award to Celebrate an Undergraduate’s Achievement in the Arts.

Call for Proposals!!

The Grants Committee statement of values promotes the Arts Council’s Mission and Goals and expresses the general criteria and priorities that guide its grants decisions: Innovation | High Impact | Focus on Undergraduate Experience | Provide Multiple Formats or Levels of Impact | Outside influences | High Visibility at UVA | High Visibility Beyond UVA!

In the News


The Council seeks to develop a diverse group of individuals experienced with the University’s unique and complex arts environment and who share a vision for the future of the Arts at UVA. Members meet twice annually in Charlottesville to review grant proposals that address immediate needs and projects, meet with arts students and faculty, and envision a brighter future for the Arts. We have an energetic, passionate, and generous group of members and we’d love to speak with your more about this opportunity if you are interested. Please reach out to Lizzy Ramey,, if you’d like to learn more!

Current Members

David Addis (College ’75, ’82)

Lelia Graham Webb (College ’88)

Christine Moore (Engineering ’92)

Student Members
Elise Victoria Ebert  (Education 2024)
Xinmeng Huang (College '2024)

Christopher Bierly (Commerce '86)
John Birdsall III (College '66)
Mary Scott Birdsall (Education '66)
Roger Boyle III  (Colege '64)
Alexis Borucke (Parent '23)
A. Cary Brown (College '84)
Sherry Burke (Friend)
Michael Caplin (Law '76)
Edith S. Champ
Scheline Crutchfield (College '86)
Lee Ellen Darden (College '09)
Courtney Schaefer Deveau (College '11)
Christine Miller Droessler (College '04)
Joe Erdman (College '56)
Amrie Grammer (College '89)
Colleen Grant (Parent '18)
Jessica Harris (College '19)
Lindsey Hepler (College '09)
Elise Herget (College '12)
Rebecca Lieser, MD (College '74)
Alexander Lindsey (College '76)
Timothy Michel (Architecture '76)
J. Sanford Miller (College '71)
Dennis Moyer (College '74)
Thomas Osborne (College '87)
Bella Dave Patnaik, MD (College '93)
Virginia Carrington Plummer (College '90)
Reece Mealy Rahilly (College '11)
Joanne Robinson
Karen Ryan (College '92)
Olivia Y. Sahid (College '22)
Marcie M. Slaughter (Parent '08)
Stephen Smiley (College '71)
Lucy Clare Spooner (College '14)
Annie Ward Stern (Education '69)
Lindsay Friedman Sword (College '07)
Gretchen Tibbits (College '89)
Ashbrooke Tullis (College '89)
James F. Tune (College ‘64)
Katherine Tune (Parent '01)
Laura Turner (Commerce '79)
Cristina von Bargen (College ‘86)
Serra Yavuz (Parent '22)
Melissa Young (Law '83)

To learn more, contact Cameron Mowat, Director of University Arts Development.