Popular Music Group Voice Class Recital - Fall 2023

Join us for an amazing student recital by the students of Stephanie Nakasian's Popular Music Group Voice Class on November 28th at the O'Hill Forum at 8:00pm!

The University of Virginia Department of Music presents a recital by the students in Stephanie Nakasian's Popular Music Group Voice Class at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 at The Forum at Observatory Hill.

The students performing in this recital are Feeman Annas, Vincent Blackburn, Gigi Devellis, Camden Dunbar, Danait Haddish, Jessica Li, Joshua Mazher, Erika Miyazaki, Brooke Negron, Owen Pearson, Riya Pudasaini, Claire Satterfield, Lexi Sewell, Rithika Sriram, and Adam Thompson.

This is a new UVA class focusing on popular music performance and will include songs ranging from jazz to theater to pop and rock. These students are excited to perform this semester's worth of hard work!

Each student will sing 1 song, and the group will sing one group song. 

The class presents a fun, no pressure singing experience in popular music (pop, rock, jazz, theater, r&b, gospel, singer-songwriter, folk...) and focuses on exercises to help students improve tone, intonation, range, breath, power, and flexibility.

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Observatory Hill is located at 525 McCormick Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22904 on the southwestern corner of Alderman and McCormick Roads near the first year residences. "The Forum" is located toward the back of the building. 

All events are subject to change.

For more information please call the Department of Music at 434.924.3052 or write