Art History

New Andean Architecture. The Indigenous Art of Prosperity

Step into the vibrant world of Bolivia's architectural phenomenon colloquially known as "cholets" or "New Andean Architecture."

Es de mi región para que el pueblo se identifique que se le guste que se sienta orgulloso y que diga 'Esto es mío'

~Freddy Mamani, Architect & Civil Enegnieer

As you move through the exhibit, immerse yourself in the landscape of cholets.

Motifs that symbolize abundance in Aymara cosmovision reverberate in the juxtaposition of the grandeur of cholets with their miniature versions known as alasitas.

Join us as we celebrate the ingenuity and cultural richness of Bolivia's Indigenous communities and consider the entanglement of architecture, tradition, and identity.

Di Hu (James Madison University) and Sonia Alconini (University of Virginia)

This event is part of the "Indigenous and Black Geographies: Colonialism and Cultural Persistence in the Ancient Americas (April 3-5, 2024). For more information, check