There is something about being Black at a Predominately White Institution that only other Black students can truly understand. While we are not a monolith and are all colored by unique backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs, there is still a level of cohesiveness and understanding across the Black community here. This piece represents how beautifully the Black community comes together, in its different shades and textures, showing the color and vibrancy of who we are as individuals. Even within the frame of a PWI, we boldly choose to be our whole, natural selves. We find that bravery in each other. On grounds where years ago we would have been utterly unwelcome, we come now to claim what is ours. When I think of a UVA student, I think of the beautiful black and brown faces that have come to make up my family here. I think of my Black peers who empowered me to come out of my shell, discover and claim who I really am, and leave my mark for this University to see.