I am a student of architecture and I am anything but a normal human being. My hand is controlling my mouse to enable CAD to make arbitrary drawings from my imagination all day, every day. At 4am when I am not operating my machine, my brain attempts to troubleshoot errors that repeatedly interrupted my earlier work. I love touching and smelling textbooks while reading them, but they are too heavy for my feeble body to carry them, so my skinny iPad handles them for me. Before, I only operated my machine for my design and chatted with humans and now, only Zoom talks to me. I save money on gas because the travel from my bed to my class takes one second. I even save money on flights because my last visit to my family only costed me my internet data. I worked hard and waited years to become independent, travel the world and relax but everything seems like a dream now. I am fatigued but I am holding up my heart tight because only hope is what I have right now.