Honorable Mention, 3D

This 6inch stoneware bottle is wood-fired to 2350F. Glazed with a textured turquoise glaze, the interaction between wood ash and the pot’s surface adds color and dimension to the vessel. This work is an experimentation of shape in non-functional pottery. I made it while a potter’s apprentice during my hiatus from the University. Pottery is one of the few concentrations of art UVA doesn’t teach, and although the Art Department couldn’t directly satisfy my interest in pottery, it did have a huge hand in my learning. My professors and advisors encouraged me to take time off and supported me while I was gone, even though I was not part of the student body. Upon my return, they rewarded me with transfer credits and support to continue pursuing this passion. This is precisely why I love the UVA community: my peers and educators are creative and encourage outside thinking. This work is a reminder that learning extends beyond and continues long after your time at UVA concludes.