inspired by the Butterfly Effect, this piece embodies the best thing about UVA students: we make each other better. This piece illustrates the closeness of our community, which is part of what fosters the Butterfly Effect on grounds. Kindness, inspiration, and hard work pass from one student on to the next in an infectious cycle that positively effects the entire community. What I love is how you could be positively influenced by someone you would never normally cross paths with because of the multitude of unique community intersections. While each UVA student is unique, we all have common positive traits that allow the student body to thrive in harmony. In the same way the common cool colors used in the piece make it harmonious, there is something satisfying knowing that all UVA students carry a certain level of excellence about them. This piece goes to show that no matter how dreary the world gets, UVA students are able to spread light and vibrancy to each other.