Students’ Choice Awards & 2nd Place, Film

January 2021; Charlottesville, Va is an honest and emotional video that highlights the generosity, bravery and resilience of spirit among UVa students. The colorful, playful and highly curated set contrasts with the first take, street clothes stories, offered up by the interviewees in a style meant to mirror broadway musicals’ over-the-top means of communication. In musicals, the emotional undertone of a statement is brought to the forefront through the synthesis of message and music. In this project, I’ve disentangled these ingredients, message and music, into two diverse but complimentary audio tracks which comingle and interact organically. As a video artist, my work centers around the representation of people as individuals as well as portraying the feeling of emotional clarity one experiences after a long run or a good conversation with their mother. I hope you enjoy January 2021; Charlottesville, Va.