Students’ Choice Awards & Honorable Mention, 2D

“The Silver Spoon’s Lament” is a representation of UVA’s history, which has long been home to both the oppressor and the oppressed. The figures in boats are those who have been and will be fed by the “silver spoon” of inherited wealth within the UVA institution, held up by the hands that claimed – but did not build – it; but Thomas Jefferson has been replaced with *my* reimagining of today’s UVA student: a BIPOC woman who threatens the white supremacist systems that uphold this school, a drop in the ocean with the power to change its tides. While UVA has historically been a tool of the oppressor, its educational might will help produce some of the brightest revolutionaries of our time. Our BIPOC students are doing the work every day to change the world, and sowing the seeds of that change in our own university community.