2nd Place, 2D

The pandemic forced UVA students to face life in America for people of color: police brutality and racism in broad daylight broadcasted across national television. From our couches, our kitchens, and our beds, for a brief moment, we all saw the same world — just as we did 3 years prior during the Unite the Right rally. Our community was forced to confront reality. We saw it, came up with ways to combat it, and are taking small but important steps forward.

Reconciling the university’s history, we carry the shadow of racial adversity with us, making it part of our identity. But what makes us UVA students is that we affirm Black Lives Matter by taking that identity and turning it into purpose. My work illustrates the mosaic of experiences, struggles, images, memories, and resilience woven into our community’s textured hair, becoming part of each and every Wahoo.