Eyes draw me in and allow me to more fully understand others. At UVA, eyes have allowed me to make new friends, distance myself from bad influences, and comfort broken hearts. My gray-scale drawing, done with graphite pencils, allows everyone, regardless of race or gender, to relate. The flowers surrounding the eye add a three-dimensional component that comes with getting to know a person. I have often been judged based on my looks. However, once I speak, my genuine and authentic personality blooms out from me. I like to think that the people who walk in and out of my life take pieces of my flowers then replace it with their own to refill me with love and energy. Realizing this, my artwork is dynamic. This aspect of my personality is shown through the shadows. I can be viewed from so many different angles and perspectives, just like my piece, and everybody will see something different. But, no matter what they see, I hope they see beauty: inside and out.