Rotunda Orange and Jefferson Blue represent UVA and me. They represent who I am: fire and water. The first design that awarded me the first place in a T-shirt design competition and the start of my professional art journey was a phoenix, rebirthing from ashes, with the letter above saying “On Fire.” These firey spirits represent my passion for my love of art, freedom of creativity (always flying out of the box), and the courage of always experiencing new things. The colors demonstrate my dual sides of out-going and quiet personalities and my wide range of interests. I am a science and art student, two fields that may somewhat seem opposite or unrelated. Like fire and water or blue and orange, they seem contradictory and lack harmony at first glance. But they complement each other and cannot be without the other component. When fire and water mix, it releases energy that returns to nature. We are part of nature, and that contrast is what makes us unique and what makes us the same.