Writing is hit or miss for me—it either pours out of me like water or it’s a constant fight to get it out. This piece came out of me in one afternoon out of frustration. I had been struggling to answer the question for a while because it honestly doesn’t feel like there is one answer to it. I don’t believe that there is just one UVA student, just as there is not one UVA that we all experience. Every year since being here, I have become more disillusioned in our institution. The very idea of there being one student implies that we all love our school equally, that we all have the same faith that this organization will represent us and support our wants and needs. This is simply not true, and without radical change, not just at UVA but in the institution of higher education, it will not be true. In this piece, I attempt to problematize the idea of “the UVA student” by highlighting the diversity that we have at our institution.